Cleanspiration from our Fabulous Fans!


Jill: “Bathroom Blitz!”

Hello my name is Jill and I happen to LOVE Fabulosa! 

I would like to share with you all my favourite Fabulosa products and combinations that make my bathroom sparkle!

Using Items from ‘My Caddy’, that I was lucky to receive from my daughters as they know I love Fabulosa, this is my step-by-step guide to the perfect clean! 

Step 1: I use the ‘Spring Fresh Shimmering Shower Spray’ to clean the tiles, bath and wash basin with the ‘Pink Scrub Mummy’. I highly recommend this as it leaves the surface smear-free and sparkling with an amazing smell! 

Step 2: Next is ‘Pear Drops Shiny Stainless Steel Spray’ for the towel rail, taps, shower head and mirror base using a ‘Minky Hi-Tech Microfibre Duster’. The result was a smear-free and sparkling finish. 

Step 3: My favourite product to use is the gorgeous ‘Raspvilla Spray’. Using 5 capfuls of it diluted in a bucket of warm water will make a lot of bubbles to wash the lino floor, skirting and paintwork. And then to compliment this, I used the spray to clean any glass or other things that I may have missed. What I LOVE most about Raspvilla is the Aroma it leaves behind. The smell can even last for the day after .  

I hope you have enjoyed reading my step-by-step guide to using Fabulosa products to clean my bathroom!

Michelle: “Kitchen Clean-Up!” 

Firstly, I wash up my dirty plates and dishes with Fabulosa’s Wild Rhubarb washing up liquid, or for a change I’ll use their Rainbow Drops version. Both liquids smell divine, and they wash my plates and dishes extremely well, plus they leave them looking lovely and clean, and also smelling fresh! 

I’ll then wipe down my fridge and bins with Fabulosa wipes, which are available in Electrify, Wild Rhubarb and Rainbow Drops. They keep my fridge and bin hygienic and free from germs. After that I’ll spray my sides with a ready to use bottle (I’m loving Pina Clean at the moment!). Then once the kitchen is all wiped down, I’ll use Black Cherry Merlot all-in-one spray on my cupboard door handles. 

I cannot rate Fabulosa’s products enough! There are so many to choose from, and I’m a bit of a collector, so my kitchen cupboards are full of lots of their lovely products too, such as their limited edition cocktail collection (do not drink of course, but they smell fantastic!), plus their Christmas and Halloween limited editions. 

Without a doubt, Fabulosa has the best products to clean a kitchen with!

Shelley: “0 to Pristine in 15!”

Let’s just give a couple of my rooms a freshen up before I start the day ahead.  

‘Fabulosa Evening Jewel Room’ and fabric freshener is such a unique scent. I love spraying this in my bedrooms and on the curtains to bring such a lovely fragrance to the home. It’s such a lingering fragrance, and Fabulosa definitely created a jewel with this one! 

I also love to use the ‘Fabulosa Electrify Concentrated Disinfectant Wipes’ around my home. These anti bacterial wipes are fabulous. I get to wipe all my handles on the doors daily and the light switches too,  such a quick way of cleaning things down and yet leaving my home smelling amazing. What a great feeling to know you’ve made a difference and taken just a few minutes out of the day to get it done.  

So a quick mop around in my living room and bedroom with some of the ‘Ocean Breeze’ super concentrated disinfectant, mixed with water and using my E-Cloth mop leaves my floors beautifully clean and fresh.  

I love the ‘Spring Fresh Disinfectant’ that I can spray on my surfaces around the home, to make my home smell like I have just walked into a garden full of flowers. The smell is stunning! 

I have so many cupboards full of Fabulosa products. The products amaze me and are so easy to use just to quickly freshen up the house whenever possible and literally in no time my home smells perfect and feels so so clean.