How to Have Fun with Your Cleaning Routine


Hate cleaning? It doesn’t have to be that way! We believe that cleaning should be an enjoyable and a fun experience, and not just another boring chore. Not only does our range of products leave your home smelling fresh and fabulous, the powerful disinfectant eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, cleans and shines, eliminates odours, and leaves a long lasting freshness.

We are changing the way we think about cleaning

Our Managing Director, James Sharpe, says, “There is nothing like good clean fun! We want people to find joy in cleaning, especially when tackling the typical ‘not so fun’ jobs like toilets and rubbish bins. We have lots of great tips on how to create a cleaning routine that you will love and with Fabulosa, cleaning is never a drag!”

#1 Listen to Music

Have you ever turned up your favourite upbeat songs and danced around your house? Why not clean while you do it? Hearing the right song at the right time can lift your spirits and turn your whole day around! James suggests “creating a cleaning playlist, grabbing your favourite Fabulosa, and let the party begin!”

#2 Get Your Kids Involved

Get your kids off their phones and gaming consoles and let them help you. James says, “If you have teenagers, give them the task of freshening the rugs, carpets, and upholstery with Fabulosa’s Foam Freshener. Turn the music up, and before you know it, your upholstery will be fresh and clean smelling. The quick drying foam works into fabrics without leaving a mess, so it’s a win-win for everyone!”

Sharing cleaning tasks with you children not only teaches them good hygiene habits, but also creates a time for them to talk to you about what’s going on with them when you are cleaning together.

#3 Play the Tidying Speed Game

If you have younger children at home, one great game to play is the speed game. It’s a super fun way to get your children to help whilst making it enjoyable for everyone! Ask your child to do a tidying task and time them doing it. You can make this a regular weekly game, giving them the opportunity to beat their previous times. Alternatively, siblings can race each other to see who can complete the job in the fastest time. If your family is super competitive, you could even create a fun scoreboard with star stickers.

James said, “A great task for children to help with is wiping down surfaces with disinfectant wipes. Our new range of anti- bacterial wipes are perfect for this game, so see how fast they can wipe down all vertical surfaces in the kitchen. Can they do it in under 5 minutes?”

#4 Listen to an Audio Book

Listening to audiobooks is great for passing time in all sorts of situations, including cleaning. Almost every popular book on the market is also an audio book, so there is something for everyone! James says, “Listening to an audiobook while cleaning can be extremely calming and relaxing. We suggest trying our Fabulosa Dragon Flower Disinfectant. To use our 4 in 1 disinfectant, dilute a capful into 400ml of water. Use the diluted Fabulosa for your daily disinfecting routine.”

#5 Use amazing-smelling cleaning products

When it comes to our happiness, pleasing scents can pack a powerful punch. James says, “Our customers love our products, not only for their incredible cleaning power, but also because of the range of unique fragrances we offer. From Blue Raspberry to Bubblegum, Intense to Intrigue, there is a scent for everyone!”

#6 Turn cleaning into a workout

A good cleaning session can get your heart rate going, especially if you’re doing some of the more labor-intensive tasks, like mopping the floors, or scrubbing grime off the bathtub. James says, “one way to make these jobs fun is to track how many steps you take or how your heart rate increases whilst cleaning the shower screen. Turn the music up, put on the cleaning gloves, grab your favourite, deliciously fragrant products, and get cleaning! We guarantee that you won’t mind doing these jobs with the right frame of mind.”

#7 Make it a 5-minute job! 

You can do anything for 5 minutes, so make a goal to clean every day for just 5 minutes. If you go on for longer, great, but don’t feel compelled to or guilty about stopping. Sometimes the best way to make something tolerable is just to not do it for long. 

James suggests starting with the kitchen and attempting to clean the sink, taps and worktops. He advises, “Grab your favourite Fabulosa fragrance, and give the taps, surfaces and sink a good wipe down. Even a job as small as this will make you feel a sense of accomplishment and you might even enjoy it!”

We recommend that you always read the label and full product instructions before use.