Fabulosa is delighted to have teamed up with Bliss

Bliss is an amazing charity for babies born premature or sick and we are proud to welcome three exclusive fragrances to our concentrated disinfectant range. Chamomile Cuddles, Little Violets and Baby Powder. 25p from each bottle purchased goes to the charity.

About Bliss

Bliss champions the right for every baby born premature or sick to receive the best care and achieves this by empowering families, influencing policy and practice, and enabling life-changing research. Having a premature or sick baby in hospital can be incredibly distressing for families and Bliss offers emotional and practical support to empower families and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best possible care to their baby, for however long they live and for however long their stay in neonatal care. Bliss provides information about caring for premature and full term sick babies at every stage of their hospital journey, and after they have gone home. Through Bliss’ network of dedicated volunteers, they provide face-to-face and email support, meaning families have access to practical information and a listening ear when they need it the most.

Emma’s Story

It was Emma that inspired Fabulosa co-founder, Jen Sharpe, to team up with Bliss.

Jen heard first hand the challenges that Emma and her prematurely born son, Harry, went through – spending well over 100 days in hospital during the first year. Take a look at this video to hear more from Emma and Harry.

A Word From Bliss

Caroline Lee-Davey, Chief Executive of Bliss says: “We are delighted that Fabulosa are launching a new range where proceeds will be donated to Bliss. Any parent who has gone through the NICU journey knows the importance of keeping clean, especially when touching their baby. We are grateful that a product which will be used on a daily basis by parents will help to support our vital work for premature and sick babies.”

Learn More About Bliss

See some of the fantastic work Bliss does inside its neonatal care unit

Keeping Babies Safe

In these COVID-19 times, everyone is aware of the vital importance of handwashing and regular cleaning in the fight against the virus. Not only does Fabulosa’s concentrated disinfectant formula kill 99.9% of germs, but with its vast fragrance collection, the range also cleans, polishes, freshens your home, your clothes and your mood to spread ‘That Fabulosa Feeling’. If you are a new parent Bliss has important guidance on what you can do to help protect your baby against common infectious illnesses and has a section containing the latest COVID-19 guidance for any parent whose baby is on a neonatal unit. Newborn babies have a highly developed sense of smell. By letting them feel your touch and smell your smell you can help them know you are there. Find out more ways to bond with your baby on the Bliss website.

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