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Fabulosa Mini Gold Touch 60mlFabulosa Mini Gold Touch 60mlOut Of Stock

Fabulosa Mini Gold Touch 60ml

“Precious golden-orange, sky orb
who slumbers through the night.
Bathe me in your wondrous force
of energy and light.”
Fabulosa Mini Llamazing 60mlFabulosa Mini Llamazing 60ml

Fabulosa Mini Llamazing 60ml

“You’re simply amazing that it becomes
impossible to use complex words to truly
portray your beauty since no amount of
words in the world could ever define you.”
Fabulosa Mini Sweet Sugar Plum 60mlFabulosa Mini Sweet Sugar Plum 60ml

Fabulosa Mini Sweet Sugar Plum 60ml


“There were times when just to touch you
Would bring tears staring through
The windows of my eyes
Wanting to come out and play
Thinking better of it
Those days held power
Traces of passion left to be swept from the floor”