Fabulosa All In One Electrify 400ml


“Lightning makes no sound,

until it strikes!”

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Fabulosa All In One kills 99.9% of bacteria that can build uparound the home. Prevent the spread of bacteria and virusesby spraying on hard and soft surfaces while leaving a pleasantand long lasting fragrance.



• Toilets & surrounding areas
• Kitchen sinks
• Baths & taps
• Pet beds
• Mattresses
• Car seats

• Rubbish bins,
• Door handles
• Showers
• Sofas / Couches
• Upholstery
• Dashboards / Steering Wheels

Kill 99.9%

Each one of our bottles are made with love and are cruelty-free and Vegan friendly!


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1 review for Fabulosa All In One Electrify 400ml

  1. Sarah-Jayne (verified owner)

    I recently bought a few of these and there really needs to be some attention given to the spray mechanism on the tins as some give out a lovely fine mist that is easy to control and others shoot liquid out in a straight line that drenches everything in its path! I’ve tried cleaning the tin, washing the nozzles and even changing the nozzles, but unfortunately nothing works and its more than a little annoying as it wastes alot of the product.

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