Dark Intrigue Laundry Cleanser 1 ltr

Dark Intrigue Laundry Cleanser 1 ltr

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This mysterious creamy fruity fragrance opens with bergamot, grape, fruity raspberry, strawberry, a hint of rhubarb and soft coconut onto a light floral heart of Jasmin flower, orange flower, ylang, rose petals and a hint of intriguing spice, all on abase of creamy vanilla and musk.

How To Use

Fabulosa Laundry Cleanser freshens laundry & leaves it hygienically clean by killing 99.9% of viruses that cause unpleasant smells, even when below 20 C. Add 6 caps into fabric softener drawer of washing machine. Soaking: Add 3 caps to 2.5L of water & leave to soak for 15 minutes.