Wax melts rainbow drops 12 pack

Fabulosa Wax Melts Rainbow Drops 12 Pack

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Wax melts rainbow drops 12 pack

Fabulosa Wax Melts Rainbow Drops 12 Pack

Product Description

Fill your home with a Fabulosa fragrance using a flameless alternative to a candle! A cost effective way of giving your home a long lasting scent-sational fragrance!
Control the intensity of the fragrance by using more or less per burn.

Suitable for vegans.


Rainbow Drops, a fun fruity fragrance with blackcurrant, raspberry and grape resting on a base of musk and dry fruit.

How to Use

Remove all packaging and labels before lighting.

Break off one or two wax melt pieces.

Place wax melt on top of dry ceramic burner or wax melt electrical unit.

Place tealight into burner or turn on wax melt unit.

Read and follow the instructions for your burner.

To replace or remove wax melt, ensure wax is cooled completely and remove the wax.

Take care whilst removing.

Burn only on level secure, non-porous and heat resistant surface.

Burn out of reach of children and pets.

Do not move or handle this product while candle is still alight.

Allow to cool before handling.

Never add water to a wax melt.

Hot wax! Take care when handling.

Surface Recommendations

For use in ceramic burner or wax melt electrical unit.



Safety Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lauren Schesselman
Wax melts

Absolutely love them

Charlotte Burnell

Amazing smells lush!!!

Karen Pickering
Rainbow Drops are STUNNING!!!

I smelled the rainbow Drops smell once and was hunting for it since! I was SO chuffed I looked for the Fabulosa website! The melts are amazing and really give the stunning smell to your room! I've found that unfortunately the smell doesn't last too long, but it's totally worth it while it does! I've bought a couple more packs of melts to put in with a couple friends Christmas gifts, I want to share these beautiful things with them!

Sophie gray
Very good

Love Wax Melts Rainbow 🌈 Fantastic products

Wendy Rayner

Fantastic products