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Fabulosa Passion Fruit 220ml


“Passion fruit kisses, a tropical breeze
Butterfly flickers, your lashes do tease
Cherry encounters of promised delight
Spray of seduction, the sea mist at night”

Fabulosa Perfectly Imperfect Aerosol MixFabulosa Perfectly Imperfect Aerosol MixOut Of Stock

Fabulosa Perfectly Imperfect Aerosol Mix


16 Imperfect Cans Deal

Faulty black nozzle – this will present as a stream rather than a mist.
Damaged can – dented, missing caps etc.
Incorrect fragrance within the can.

All our items within the box have the same cleaning and disinfectant ability as a regular item.
Enjoy the product and have a Fabulosa day.



Daddy Caddy

“There in pieces, so limp and wan,
you hardly seem the selfsame sponge
meant to scour and expunge
clinging morsels of cooked-on rice
when I swipe once and maybe twice.”