Cruelty-Free Logos on Our Products

To all our fabulous Fabulosa users.

It has come to our attention that a number of you caring people would like to know more about our Cruelty-Free products and in particular our use of a bunny to symbolise this.

We at Fabulosa pride ourselves on using the best quality chemicals we can source for all our product ranges. Quality, not only being in their effectiveness at killing those nasty bugs and bacteria that can harm ourselves and our families but also, quality in the fact that we only use chemicals that have not been tested on animals in their creation.

We are currently in the process of certifying our ranges to the Leaping Bunny certification scheme, however this takes time and administration to achieve. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic timescales of the certification have been unfortunately extended with our staff and suppliers staying safe at home as per UK government guidelines.

However, rest assured we take your concerns with the legitimacy of our claims seriously and are trying to push through the certification as fast as physically possible.

In the mean-time and the reason we have a Fabulosa branded Cruelty-Free logo on our products is because all of our suppliers have issued us with declarations stating their finished raw products are not tested on animals and their supply chain is suitably investigated by us and themselves to ensure their claims are substantiated.

So, please keep an eye out for the announcement in the coming months for the formal certification to leaping bunny that we know all our fabulous Fabulosa followers will love to see.